457592_10151552081190344_695275343_23876208_653704565_oI get to speak to Bhanu Bhatnagar is a journalist and yoga practitioner and instructor. He writes his own blog for the Huffington Post and has a decade of experience working in the TV news business, producing and reporting from around the world, including London, Doha, New Delhi, Kuala Lumpur and Istanbul. Born to Indian parents in Sweden, he’s spent most of his life in Europe, though he maintains strong links with India. He began practicing yoga while living in London and completed his teacher training in Thailand.  He now practices and teaches yoga in Qatar.  Over the years he deepened his practice with a number of teachers from India and around the world.   Because of Bhanu’s East-West background and his international experience of yoga, the question of yoga’s roots and cultural ownership has always resonated with him. “Who Owns Yoga?” was Bhanu’s brainchild. He’s been practicing yoga for eight years and teaching for the past three.

Listen to us discuss all things yoga, this is a great opportunity to hear Bhanu talk with great authority about Western and Eastern yoga and the different permutations of this great science.


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