Teaching Body Positive Yoga

By Donna Noble | Published August 2022 | Available NOW

Drawing on the philosophy and history of the body positivity movement, Donna Noble presents a radical re-examination of teaching inclusive yoga classes by breaking down stereotypes and demystifying yoga.

By sharing accessible tools for everything from marketing a body-positive class to setting the scene in the space, using appropriate language and considering consent and touch, Noble demonstrates why every body is a yoga body – no matter what shape or size. With guidance on modifying poses for larger bodies, as well as chair-based sequences, this resource helps yoga teachers to ensure that the benefits of yoga are available to everyone.

With practical tips, as well as information on social justice and body-positive yoga off the mat, Teaching Body Positive Yoga is a well-rounded resource that gives yoga teachers the confidence to host inclusive and welcoming classes for all.




What people are saying: 

If you’re looking to better understand and inform yourself with topics like the history of body positivity, and the use and understanding of language on and off the yoga mat, then this is a great guide for you; well-researched and easy to digest.

— Lindsey Porter, yogi, yoga tutor, author of Whirlpools, yoga and the balance of life

This book celebrates all that yoga is. It breaks down all barriers and shows us that yoga has open arms for anyone who wants to practise. A liberating look at how anyone can be part of what yoga has to offer mentally and physically. Donna shares her wisdom and past experiences to show us the origins of yoga, subconscious bias and how we can all be more inclusive when it comes to yoga. A celebration of yoga for all.

— Fearne Cotton, Broadcaster

In Teaching Body Positive Yoga, Donna Noble has written a superbly relatable, practical book. She gives us the why as well as the how to practice inclusive, Body Positive Yoga. I especially love the section called Body Positive Yoga Off the Mat where Noble gives us case studies and practices to bring these tools into every moment of our lives! She confidently states, “As teachers you have a voice that is able to create yoga’s future.” She gives us many tools and practices to create a more inclusive future. As a South Asian woman,working to preserve the heart of yoga today, i’m thrilled to have Noble’s book grace my yoga bookshelves and support all of our practice and teaching. — Susanna Barkataki, Author of Embrace Yoga’s Roots

Donna Noble writes in a way that allows the reader to understand the universality of yoga as a beautiful ancient practice. Stripping away all the notions that make yoga as we know it in the West to feel inaccessible, Donna reminds us that to be in the present is to be at one with the body mind and soul.
Amazing work! 
— Kelechi Okafor, Actress and co-founder of Kelechnekoff Fitness studio


Forgiveness is the Hardest Thing:  A collection of short stores, poems and essays on how 21 women let go and moved on .. or didn’t – January 2022

Forgive (verb): 1. Stop feeling angry or resentful towards a person who has done something hurtful or wrong. 2. excuse an offence or mistake.
Forgiveness (noun): the action of forgiving.
(OED, Oxford University Press 2009)

The path to forgiveness requires acceptance, introspection, admission of guilt, and the ability to see the situation through another’s eyes.

During the prolonged Covid-19 lockdowns, twenty-one women were invited to write about their experiences of forgiveness through the medium of poetry or prose, fiction or non-fiction. The result is an anthology that lays bare the shared need to forgive or to be forgiven.

It captures deeply personal stories of domestic violence, family disruptions, the disintegration of friendships, and the impact of taking an individual’s power. But it also brings gifts of insight, stories of healing, techniques to help with physical and mental well-being, and a discourse about the spiritual side of forgiveness from a unique perspective.

Featuring the writing of multiple-award winning authors from across North America, the UK, Ireland, NZ and Australia, Forgiveness is the Hardest Thing is an inspiring collection to draw from when you too are wondering, how can I forgive?

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