Coaching with me with allows you to be flexible in mind and body.  Allowing you to see life from another perspective and enjoying this human experience.

I’m opening up a small number of  “Go with the Flow”, private coaching slots in my diary so that we can cut through the crap together so that you can live your life with simplicity and ease in 2023.

But it is a very small number (max 12) so please take a moment to see if this is for you as once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Here’s who “Go with the flow” is for. 

There is nothing to work out, nothing to understand, nothing to attain.  Do no look for an answer – just let go of thoughts.  Do this in a relaxed, alert way and you will notice that your true nature is spotless, formless awareness; no beginning, no end, no birth, no death.  It is always shining like the sun.



There’s something within you that knows what to do. There is a power greater than you that knows how to take care of you without your help. All you’ve got to do is to surrender to it. Surrender your thoughts, your mind, your ego, to the current that knows the way. It will take care of you. It will take better care of you than you can ever imagine.

Robert Adams



You must be sick and tired of having an unhealthy lifestyle.  You want to start connecting your mind and body.

 Creating more me time.


You must want to experience more life with simplicity and awareness.

That means your default being in the present moment not racing into the future.

want a fresh perspective

You want to bring your plans for the year to me for a fresh perspective as we create more balance and we cut out all the things you think you need to be doing and focus on what’s important.

I can see things you just can’t.


ready to seE more

You’ve heard something in this conversation so far that’s touched you and you want to see more


simply put

You want to introduce balance into your life.

Here’s how Go with the flow works:

Places will be limited to 12 private coaching clients at any time so you can be assured of my attention

One 60 minute private coaching call with me once a month – you will be given one of my available Wednesday slots so you must be free on that day

Access to a weekly coaching clinic (Monday’s 2pm) – come if you’d like some fresh insight on something you’re up against, don’t if you don’t need it that week

That’s a weekly dose of simplicity to keep you on the right path.

£147 (+VAT if in the EU) a month, for as long as you want to stay. You might want to join me just for 1 month to get a fresh perspective on your plans for the upcoming year; you might want to stay 6 months or 12. You don’t have to decide in advance.

Please book a slot in my diary for us to have a conversation to see if you might be a fit for the program.



Kind Words


“I have just returned from CurveSome’s yoga retreat.  The venue was amazing as is the teacher, Donna Noble.  I am a newbie at yoga and the progress I have made over the last 6 months is a testament to Donna’s patience, experience and her ability to make a plus size woman feel that their size is not a limiter.  Her classes are fun and thought-provoking. As she says enjoy the (yoga) journey and I have thus far.   Thank you so much.”

Jacqui H


“Donna’s Yoga retreat was incredible, being new to Yoga I felt welcomed and encouraged by Donna. She adopts a different approach for each individual, teaching you different practices for each yoga pose to suit you. I feel a stronger connection with my physical body as a result. Donna provides a warm, positive, uplifting style of teaching which has left me with an addiction for Yoga! I’ve left the retreat feeling calm, peaceful and mentally and physically stronger and would recommend Donna to everyone!”



“I never knew just how much one could be inspired by listening to you speak of your passion for Yoga and Mindfulness – love that word.  I love to be inspired and you did just that for me. You speak with an eloquence that is both inviting and embracing. You make me want to explore the vast, almost unknown or rarely heard of benefits of Yoga and all that it can do to benefit our lives in a healthy and positive way. I will definitely be looking to join your Curvesomeyoga group and classes. Love you for sharing your gift and wisdom. Blessings and More Love.”

Maureen Elizabeth Worrell – Author


“I cannot recommend Donna enough!

Working with Donna I have experienced a huge shift in my ability to quiet my mind and get in touch with the wisdom I have in my soul that is my truth.

Donna has held space for me and pointed me back to this wisdom when I have gotten lost in my thoughts and felt I had lost my way. She showed me I am always ok, and that wisdom is always there.

Donna has a beautiful, gentle way of creating a space for honest sharing and self-reflection that allowed me to show up in my truth and share my experience. She listens and helps you return to your own truth and points you to your own sense of knowing.

Working with Donna I truly felt supported which allowed me to continue to ask questions and to love myself again in a way that has opened my thinking in a way I can see possibilities opening up in so many areas of my life.”



Donna has been a powerful speaker to help people learn more about diversity in the health and wellbeing industry. From examining the importance of language to the intersection of yoga and race, Donna created a brave and affirming space for everyone to examine their own biases, ask questions and discuss how to teach diverse populations.



“When I started my coaching journey, it would be fair to say that I already had some goals, but I was stuck and starting to panic. Donna’s advice and coaching expertise came just at the right time – she has helped me gain a better understanding of my life as well as the journey I would like to take, and I am now clearer not just about my career, but my personal aspirations too. On top of that, I simply feel more relaxed. Donna has been a guiding star in the sky as I came to some powerful realisations, and I can’t thank her enough.”



“Donna facilitated a ‘Nourishing Movement’ masterclass for my membership group in July 2020. Nearly 2 years later the wisdom Donna shared continues to serve the people that attended the workshop.

From Donna’s own inspiring story to dispelling myths about health and mindful movement. Donna was able to help us move away from using exercise as a means of correction and improvement to understanding mindful movement as a means of loving yourself from the inside out.

Donna’s phrase, “Move your body because you love it, not because you hate it” lives inside my body and guides my movement.

I would have Donna facilitate workshops for my company over and over again. She is a relatable, compassionate, knowledgeable and fun expert. I HIGHLY recommend.”

Tamu Thomas, Founder – Live Three Sixty


Donna led her Body Positive Workshop for Yoga Teachers for our team of teachers at MoreYoga and it was absolutely fantastic, we have had nothing but positive feedback and would highly recommend this workshop to all Yoga Teachers who are looking to build on their teaching skills, make their classes more inclusive and be more aware of the language they are using and how this can impact their students. Donna delivers her workshops with humour, passion and energy that keeps it engaging and fun whilst also being very informative. Donna’s journey and work is an inspiration to us all! Thank you Donna, from the team at MoreYoga x

Liz Joy Oakley, Head of Wellness at MoreYoga


My 12 weeks learning from Donna was invaluable. This course offered so much more than I was expecting, from learning how to effectively use our social media platforms for marketing purposes, to setting boundaries & learning the value of our time & energy as teachers.

We learned what it meant to be truly inclusive teachers by breaking down various asanas to make them accessible for all bodies & how the power of language can either heal or harm.

Donna empowered us as teachers to speak out about the disparities within the wellness & fitness industry & support those actioning change to create a diverse space where everyone feels seen, heard & represented.

The weekly sessions were a safe space where we could openly discuss our experiences & learn from each other. We were gently nudged out of our comfort zones & had our perspectives of ‘inclusive teaching’ challenged in order to help us grow & embrace what it really means to be an inclusive yoga teacher.

I feel extremely grateful for this time to learn, grow & find a new sense of purpose & I can’t thank Donna enough for facilitating this.



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