Coaching with me with allows you to be flexible in mind and body.

Allowing you to see life from another perspective and enjoying this human experience.

My brand new 12-week coaching programme “Go With the Flow” opens its doors in Early 2021.

All the information you need is below. Let go of the physical limiting beliefs you have had about your body and allow yourself to discover a life that is more aligned with who you are.

Join me and let’s Go With the Flow – THE WAITLIST IS OPEN!




You must be sick and tired of having an unhealthy lifestyle.  You want to start connecting your mind and body.

 Creating more me time.


You must want to experience more life with simplicity and awareness.

That means your default being in the present moment not racing into the future.

want a fresh perspective

You want to bring your plans for the year to me for a fresh perspective as we create more balance and we cut out all the things you think you need to be doing and focus on what’s important.

I can see things you just can’t.


ready to see more

You’ve heard something in this conversation so far that’s touched you and you want to see more


simply put

You want to introduce balance into your life.

There is nothing to work out, nothing to understand, nothing to attain.  Do no look for an answer – just let go of thoughts.  Do this in a relaxed, alert way and you will notice that your true nature is spotless, formless awareness; no beginning, no end, no birth, no death.  It is always shining like the sun.

There’s something within you that knows what to do. There is a power greater than you that knows how to take care of you without your help. All you’ve got to do is to surrender to it. Surrender your thoughts, your mind, your ego, to the current that knows the way. It will take care of you. It will take better care of you than you can ever imagine.

Robert Adams


Welcome to Go With the Flow – a 12 week mind and body programme with me, Donna Noble.


In the Go With the Flow membership experience, I will help you to live a life in the way that I live – ‘going with the flow’.  To be confident that your life will unfold in the way it should, organically.  To see life from an inside out perspective, not outside in. 


You’re going to put the oxygen mask on yourself first and nourish yourself in ways that you have forgotten. You’re going to realize that self-care is not a selfish act, that it’s an investment in your health. 

The Go With the Flow membership experience will help you come home to yourself, taking you back to neutral so that you can start to remove all the societal conditioning that has shaped your life.   

You will learn how to listen and interpret the messages that your body is giving you every day.  You get a very strong vibe not to do something, but you ignore it and it do it anyway as you have not learnt to trust and listen to your body.   

Your inner GPR will be recalibrated.    


What you’ll get in the Go With The Flow Membership Experience:

✅ My brain focusing on your body and personal life for 12 weeks.

✅ Twelve sessions comprising of yoga and coaching sessions on alternate weeks with me.  Where we will work on connecting your mind and body so that you can achieve your mind and body’s full potential. 

✅ Private Facebook Group – you will be part of a private intimate Facebook group which you can turn to each day for support, encouragement and advice. 

✅ A monthly masterclass where you will be able to take your yoga journey deeper.  Learning more about all the benefits of yoga as you witness these for yourself. The masterclasses will be where you will have the opportunity to ensure that you acquire the confidence and skills to modify the yoga poses to suit your body.  Having advocacy over your body.

✅ The option to add private one-to-one sessions too where we can deep dive and address your specific personal or business requirements. You’ll also get resources for moving your body in a joyful way that’s disconnected from any concern about size, shape, or weight.

And most of all, you’ll be part of a supportive inner circle of humans who are like-minded and like-hearted.


This is for you if:

✨ You had to change the way you live due to the restrictions of the pandemic and going into lockdown and you are continually worrying how the future is going to look as the ‘new normal’ starts to be created as the lockdown restrictions are removed

✨ You’ve found that your life has become full of anxiety and stress and you don’t know how to address the uncertainty this is creating

✨ Your mind and body have become less flexible physically and mentally as your life becomes more sedentary.  You find that you are moving your body less and less as the days turn into weeks

✨ Your Doctor or Physiotherapist has told you that yoga will help you with a health issue or injury.  You know it will be good for you but you are too scared to try it because in all the research you have done, none of the yogis look like you.  

You tell yourself that you are not flexible, have no balance, and don’t have a yoga body  

✨ You want to find a sense of joy in your life, so that you can let go of the things that you thought were important but realise are not. You are holding yourself back because you don’t know where to start

✨ You have started to de-clutter your life and want to continue doing so but don’t know how.  

✨ You don’t know who you are – mother, sister, wife or daughter.  You have all these labels for others but who are you to you? 

✨ You are in search of work-life balance. 

✨ You want to be able to move your body because you love it and no longer because you hate it. Finding the acceptance for your body and realizing that you are perfect just as you are.  


If this sounds like you, I assure you that all the answers you need are within you. You have been struggling for long enough and it is now time to get the freedom you deserve by investing in some expert help.


Come and join me – the doors open in EARLY 2021

 Investment for 12-week membership:

Early bird price: £497

Standard price: £697

Instalment Plans are available. 

Please book a 15-min clarity call slot in my diary below for us to have a conversation to see if you might be a fit for the programme.

 Donna x 



Online Complete Beginners Body Positive Yoga Class - 8 week course 


Online Body Positive Beginners Plus - Intermediate - 8 week course  


12.30pm Strong 60

Hot Yoga Brixton, book here  



















Online Live Yin Yoga 


Saturday 31st October 1.00pm - 4.00pm

Body Positive & Workshop for Teachers 

Book here




"I have just returned from CurveSome’s yoga retreat.  The venue was amazing as is the teacher, Donna Noble.  I am a newbie at yoga and the progress I have made over the last 6 months is a testament to Donna’s patience, experience and her ability to make a plus size woman feel that their size is not a limiter.  Her classes are fun and thought-provoking. As she says enjoy the (yoga) journey and I have thus far.   Thank you so much."

Jacqui H


"Donna’s Yoga retreat was incredible, being new to Yoga I felt welcomed and encouraged by Donna. She adopts a different approach for each individual, teaching you different practices for each yoga pose to suit you. I feel a stronger connection with my physical body as a result. Donna provides a warm, positive, uplifting style of teaching which has left me with an addiction for Yoga! I’ve left the retreat feeling calm, peaceful and mentally and physically stronger and would recommend Donna to everyone!"



"I never knew just how much one could be inspired by listening to you speak of your passion for Yoga and Mindfulness – love that word.  I love to be inspired and you did just that for me. You speak with an eloquence that is both inviting and embracing. You make me want to explore the vast, almost unknown or rarely heard of benefits of Yoga and all that it can do to benefit our lives in a healthy and positive way. I will definitely be looking to join your Curvesomeyoga group and classes. Love you for sharing your gift and wisdom. Blessings and More Love."

Maureen Elizabeth Worrell – Author


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