Author. Founder. Coach. Speaker. Educator. Mentor. Body Positive. Diversity Equity and Inclusion. Black Yoga Teacher. 


My name is Donna Noble, and my journey with yoga started in the late 1990s.

An ex-colleague saw a picture of Madonna with her legs behind her head and her enthusiasm made me want to try yoga.

I fell in and out of love with yoga due to the usual pressures of life, family, work and studying for a degree.

At the time not realising how important and transformational yoga was going to be in my life.

I think that it was as a result of stress I became ill with Bells Palsy in 2005.

It was shortly after this that I started my love affair with Yoga again, and decided to attend a Yoga Teacher Training Course – (with the intention of becoming a teacher when I retired).

Becoming a Yoga Teacher happened much earlier than anticipated after having a discussion with a Coach on my NLP course – who wanted to know what was happening in my life.


Donna Noble

I explained my dilemma that I was being made redundant and didn’t know what to do. To my, surprise I was informed that unconsciously I had made a decision.

When I talked about yoga I lit up, and when I talked about corporate I did not.

In that split second, I decided to give this thing called yoga a chance.

I completed my course with Triyoga, but then decided to travel to LA and complete the Bikram Teacher Training Course.

Initially only intending to stay was for 11 weeks – I stayed for 6 months travelling and teaching in New York and Texas. I started essentially to go with the flow and it was great. Life became simpler and less stressed.

CurveSomeYoga was created in 2015, as a result of constantly hearing excuses as to why my friends and family could not do yoga.

Also hearing about unpleasant yoga experiences. I wanted to show that everyBODY is a  yoga body, so that they too could experience the many benefits. I use the best wellbeing techniques to help my students eliminate stress and consistently live life on their terms.

Does this resonate with you Feeling stressed managing your life this way, feeling you have very little control of your life.Are you overwhelmed trying to find a way that will help you control your life, not allowing yourself to explore and do the things you are passionate about?

Do you find that you are on a perpetual cycle of attending countless self- development, mindfulness classes or trying out the next craze of how to relax?

That was me too until one day a friend made me aware of an approach that was different.

This one conversation started me on the amazing journey to where I am today.

With a simple understanding, a transformational new approach I was finally able to “go with the flow” and trust my innate wellbeing, and can say that my life has been truly revolutionized.

No more stress and my need to control my life has fallen way naturally.

I am in such a better place!

Comfortable in my own skin and engaging with life more mindfully.

Her relaxed and fun teaching style has lead her to stand out as yoga  Instructor in the UK and internationally. 

She is also original co-creator of NoireFitFest the UK’s first black Wellbeing and Fitness Festival.

She is the Author of “Teaching Body Positive Yoga” which will be published in August. Also a contributing author in the “Forgiveness is the Hardest Thing” Anthology.

Donna is passionate and has been showing that yoga is for everyBODY since 2015.  She offers local classes, mentoring, and 1-2-1 sessions as well as being a Body Positive and Diversity and Inclusion advice.  

















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