This has been a week of revelations for me.

There are number of projects that I have been putting off for fear of just not putting myself out there on social media.  Which is something I essentially need to do for my business.

I have been resistant to having any images of me on my page for some years. It was late last year before I even  put up a profile pic.

Another thing I have been continually asked to do but have been oh so reluctant is the put up videos of my yoga practice.   You’ve guessed…… it I posted  a 1.5 minute video and I am amazed by the response. It has reached over 2,888k facebook individuals,  viewed 1.1k and liked approx 64 times.  I still cannot the reaction and was told to do this more often.   Advice that I will be taking..

As a result of this I now offer Skype yoga and the video can be used to help my clients with their yoga practice on my page Donna Noble Yoga.  Its funny how one thing leads to another.

Starting an online shop for my t-shirts.  I am on a roll for a series of t-shirt for ‘The Noble Yogi’.  Cannot wait to see the end product but the mock up looks amazing.  Again procrastination – had the idea but did not follow through.   Found an awesome T-shirt printer who took action immediately and produced the mockup for me with very little input from m.e . Again the reaction has been unreal.

Finally, my Urban Retreat Day has been announced, deposit paid on the venue and the preparations are in full swing.

Whatever next… Tomorrow is another day…

I have been one productive goddess.

Just need to make sure that I still keep things simple and do not get too busy.

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