On Saturday, I set off for my first trip to Glasgow to attend the Om Show.

Got to the Airport with plenty of time to spare, but discovered my flight was delayed by 45 minutes. Just took it in my stride looked around shops but nothing interested me (surprise, surprise). I thought I would read Michael Neil’s new book — The Space Within — in preparation for our Radio Interview at the end of the month.

Got on the flight had a glass of white wine. Bliss…. There was a mini storm going on upon arrival, got a taxi to the hotel. The friendly Driver pointed out all the interesting sites, making the journey a little more interesting. I was reliably informed that it always rains in Glasgow.

Sunday morning, did bed yoga routine— kinda limited on space. Helped me to work off my nervousness of presenting and teaching.

On arrival at the SECC it was nice to see the familiar welcoming faces of the Om Show Girls (Hannah, Natasha and Theresa). They’re always looking after me and are always smiling.

Approx 20 attendees at the workshop — ‘Every body is a Yoga body’. Men, women, and children. It was lovely to meet Graham, who follows my posts on Face book. The power of social media — I love how it allows you to connect on so many different levels.

There was furious note taking as well as individuals just listening. Made it a little interactive, so they had to get involved and do some work.

It is nice to see that there are yogis who are bring inclusivity and accessibility to the Glasgow yoga scene.

I loved the Om show there was so much on offer and every one was so friendly. It felt different from London the energy was calmer.

Later on that afternoon, I taught to a full house of awesome yogis. One highlight was getting Victoria onto the yoga mat. She was initially reluctant as she was suffering from a hangover and wanted to hide at the back. That was so not happening, there was only one a mat available… you’ve guessed it was at the front. I told her, it had her name on it and she would be okay, even promised to take care of her. She was full of smiles and an enthusiastic yogi and loved the yoga.

I’m assuming she was cured of her hangover as stayed on to do the dance yoga, shaking her assana.

The class was a pleasure the teach the yogis were awesome.

Found my flight was cancelled and nothing was available until the following evening. The Ladies on the Om Stand were wonderful and made sure that I had enough snacks and drinks for my unexpected train journey. They are always great.

So I allowed the train to take the strain, and enjoyed the journey, goodies and my Prosecco.

However I am still to try the Beetroot Ketchup. (I’m not entirely sure what to expect).

It was a longer journey than I had anticipated, but I was on a yoga high and just grateful to be able to get home.

Thanks everyone that allowed me to have a yogitastic weekend.

Now preparing for Om Show -Manchester. Are you going to join me?

To find out more : http://www.omyogashow.com/manchester/organizer/everybody-yoga-body-donna-noble/

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