ao Porchon-Lynch a Master Yoga Teacher, who has led an full and varied life. Having travelled the world imparting her great knowledge and wisdom.

At 97 years old she continues to practice yoga. She took up Ball Room dancing in her 80’s, one month after undergoing a hip replacement operation. She an inspiration, now an award-winning world class dancer. She was told there were many things she wouldn’t be able to do as a result of the operation, but she this did not let this stop her and proved them wrong.

Born in India, her father was French, and her mother Indian. When her mother died, her father left the country, and she was brought up by her aunt and uncle. She studied yoga, then just before the second world war broke out. Her yoga journey started at 8 years old. She’s been practising this for nearly 90 years.

Eventually she went to Hollywood where she was contracted to Metro Goldwyn-Meyer. Here she acted in films with many of the great stars and occasionally did yoga classes for them. She was also an actress in England and France in the ’40s and ’50s, and wrote screenplays.

She is fearless in her life and does not believe in age. She is such a fascinating and inspiriting individual that will change your outlook on life.

I was left so inspired after speaking to her…



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