Next week I get to chat to entrepreneur Nicola Bird, creator of Jigsaw Box and The Simplicity Project.  Here’s hows she describes herself on her website “she is “the owner of one outrageously successful business, one crazy puppy, two cats, nine goldfish, three children and a husband” with a goal to wipe 90% off her to-do list”.  Which she is well on her way to achieving after creating her business the ‘hard’ way, putting on her big girl panties and doing big and scary. 
Want to learn how she is achieving that goal, then listen in to find how she is teaching others like me to live in simplicity.   By riding themselves of all the unnecessary clutter in their lives and operating from a rooted, centred place,  having fun with their business.  “Chuck out all the crap stuff, inject a dose of simplicity and play full out and fearless.”  Something I am working towards. 
She experienced an insight a simple understanding, which has given her a more easier and effortless way that allows her navigate her business with simplicity and ease….. The simplicity framework. 
If this is something you wish to achieve listen to interview to find out how.  Where she talks honestly and openly her personal life and business.  
You’ll love hearing Nicola taking about how it is possible and its so simple!! 



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