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So on Friday, I will Exhibiting at the biggest Yoga event In Europe “The Om Yoga Show.”.   This is something that a month ago I had not even entertained doing or given any thought to.
The decision to attend was sudden and totally unexpected.
I had been encouraged to attend this event, previously but did not take it seriously; little old Donna Noble at the Om show, for me was laughable.  The first time this was suggested was by a friend after returning from a Yoga Holiday in Valencia.  I went along to the show, but at the time I was more interested in the yoga clothes, and jewellery than exhibiting.  He was doing more of the research than me.  How ironic.
The topic came up again after about a month ago after I explained to my friend Jules, that CurveSomeyoga is about body positivity and believes that ‘every body is a yoga body’.  She said “you have to attend”.  This time however, I did take it a little more seriously and contacted the organisers to find out more.
I initially ruled out attending, as this was not something I had not planned, and had decided to defer it until next year.
A couple of weeks later in my car on the way home, I had a light bulb moment and thought why not try crowd funding to help get me there.  To me this seemed like a totally crazy idea.   I needed some validation so spoke a couple of friends. Their response were you’d be crazy not to do it and you have nothing to loose.
So on a Friday night at home watching TV, I went online and set up my Gofundme page…. Before I could back out, shared it on Social Media.   There was no going back……….
It’s brilliant to achieve your goal 12 months early.  With the support of family and friends, who have helped make this achievable.
I am really excited and looking forward to the event on Friday and am busy getting organised.
So my impossible, is becoming possible.
I would like to thank students, friends and family for their support.   – You know who you are…
I hope to see some of you there.





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