As a Yoga Specialist I was on a quest to find the ideal bag to transport all my yoga things around, which at times can be every heavy and not very healthy for my back or shoulders. I totally understanding how important it is to look after my spine (healthy spine, healthy life). Having tried various bags and rucksacks purely based on fashion and not practicality.

I read an article in the Daily Mail about how a healthy spine can make you younger came across the Healthy Back Bag Company which actually creates and sells bags that work with the spine and not against it. Not only did it look fashionable but also was healthy.

Curiosity got the better of me and so I rang the company asking if they would like me to review a bag and they were kind enough to let me choose from their wide selection and selected the Textured Nylon Black Big Bag.

The company states that the bag has been developed by a Doctor and a Chiropractor. Which was a major factor in my approaching them a healthy bag = a healthy back. The ergonomic shape has been designed to actually follow the contours of your back.

I love the bag, not only does it look great is fashionable. There is a section for everything, even an outside water bottle pocket. so I am not having to hunt around for anything.

It is very easy to wear and incredibly comfortable to carry, in fact I also love the fact that on public transport you can wear the bag across your body without having to remove it and sit down easily. So you will never leave your bag behind. You also have the option of wearing it on one shoulder again this felt natural and did not cause any issues. The bag also has the option to apply a pilot to the double zipper so good for storing away whilst travelling.

Whilst wearing the bag it is easy to forgot that the bag was there. That how light, comfortable and natural it felt.

The bag is unisex with is another bonus and there is style suitable for everybody and every occasion or activity available in a variety of colours.

This bag is well worth the investment and is definitely a keeper. It is evident that a lot of thought went into making this bag as back friendly as possible.

I would also love to see a range of Yoga styled versions with om Symbol on it. That’s just the yogi in me. Maybe I can customise the bag to my own requirements.

This bag is suitable for everyone from Children to adults, for those who have bad issues, but also a good way to prevent any in the future.

Thank you The Healthy Back Bag Company for providing me with a bag to review.

To Purchase Or Check Out The Excellent Range Of
Healthy Back Bags Visit Their Website HERE!

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