Accessible Yoga Online Conference – 14th – 16th October 2022

I’m so excited to present at this year’s Accessible Yoga Conference Online, which takes place October 14-16. This event, featuring 35 diverse presenters who serve the collective in varied ways, is bringing us together to celebrate the significance of self and community care.

I am participating in a panel “Beyond Inclusivity: Making Yoga Truly Accessible…” with Ryan Mcraw, Natalia Tabilo and Matthew Sanford.

In this three-hour session, we will discuss how to move our teaching beyond catchphrases and good intentions to making real change.  Sharing our personal experiences, as well as our experiences teaching yoga, in an effort to unpack the ways that we can make our teaching truly accessible and welcoming.

Each of us will also lead a short practice to demonstrate a variety of ways to make yoga available to all of your students. We’ll end with a Q&A so that attendees will have a chance to engage with us and get your questions answered.

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