So that is why this year I am not going to set any goals, but instead, will be living with intention (Sankalpa). I am going to try to connect with my hearts highest intention. I am going to have to cultivate the art of listening to all the messages and signs that are presented to me. Yoga, meditation and simplicity are going to help on my journey of discovery.

I will be working from the inside out, which will involve working on connecting to my innate wisdom (my inner teacher) that is always with me. Although it is not always heard. The example that best explains this is – we all have a loud band in our mind, that leads us away from our inner teacher. In the background is a softly playing flute – which is always there but cannot always be heard. Once we start to still the mind, by focusing inwards, we begin to hear the flute. Providing us with our compass of direction for dealing with life, allowing us to really live with intention and allowing us to find out what we are passionate about leading us to true fulfillment. Remember: if your intention is unclear, simply be open to accepting it. It will come…

Finally remember the practice of Ahimsa, another Sanskrit word, which means non-violence. This involves being kind to yourself – whether you intend to set an intention or set goals. We are always growing and developing, so do not beat yourself up.

The Power of Sankalpa

Sankalpa allows us to live in the moment – to live in the here and now – which is ultimately the essence of yoga. It truly allows us to enjoy the ride regardless of our destination. Most importantly we can be happy with ourselves with no need to change.

Happy New Year!!!

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