November 14th marks World Diabetes Day and this year the International Diabetes Federation is promoting healthy living and starting each day right by having a healthy breakfast as its theme to combat this worldwide epidemic.

The campaign is being backed by all major health organisations to draw attention to the health issues attributed to Diabetes and to keep the disease firmly in the public spotlight.

Local health expert Donna Noble from Streatham thinks we should all be doing more to make sure we make the time and effort to make breakfast the most impotent meal of the day again.

“A healthy breakfast should be a mix of good carbs, protein and fibre and it should keep you full through the morning.”

“Whilst cereal cheap, most cereals are made from refined carbohydrates and very high in sugar. These options typically raise blood sugar levels rapidly and leave you hungry again before lunch.”

And it’s not just what we eat that we should be more aware of what you drink with your breakfast should be thought about carefully too.

“You should consider cutting the fruit juice out or having a smaller glass of it, just a 150ml glass of unsweetened orange juice contains around 15g of carbohydrate and 13g of sugar.”

For more information on healthy choices contact me.

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