This week on The Noble Art of Wellbeing Friday 2pm and 8pm I’m going to make you feel like motivated and wanting to take on new challenges with my next guest….

Maika Zitouni a Figure Athlete. She has won 3 x Miss Universe and 2 x Miss World, Miss Europe and Miss Britain. Winning her first Miss Universe title at 32.

Food and fitness has alway played big part in Malika’s life. That is why she is so passionate about promoting health and fitness. Her body really is her temple….

Sport and a healthy lifestyle has alway been an enormous part of here life. Other activities include Sky Diving, Scuba Diving, Hard Mountain Trekking (including Kilimanjaro and she recently returned from the tough Corsican GR20 for the second time).

She has recently qualified as a nutritional therapist as well. She is certainly one busy lady and currently preparing to compete with the WBFF World 2015.

So this week I welcome Malika to talk about her, Miss Universe, Yoga and things wellbeing.

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