The Noble Art of Wellbeing – Yoga and diversity with Author, Motivator, Risk taker, Educator and Yoga Teacher, Leading Voice in Diversity in Yoga and Yoga of Inclusion Dianne Bondy.

With over 1000 hours of yoga training in diverse modalities such as yoga therapeutics, restorative yoga, meditation, and Anusara Yoga – she has a truly well rounded and holistic understanding of yoga and mindfulness practices and philosophies. She is passionate about creating a more diverse playing field in the yoga community and is a highly recognised voice in the Diversity in Yoga and Yoga of Inclusion movements – where all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds are recognised and embraced both on and off the mat.
A regular columnist for Elephant Journal and Do You Yoga, and has been featured in Yoga Journal magazine and The Guardian. Guest authored the books: Yoga and Body Image, Yes Yoga Has Curves.

Dianne is passionate creating diversity within the yoga community. She is most definitely an example of this

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