Halloween is here this month (October) and many of us will be spending the evening either taking the kids out trick or treating or constantly getting up to answer the door to costumed ghouls and ghosts.

The fun atmosphere around the evening has taken away any scariness; in fact the only scary thing about Halloween is the thought that a teenager might throw an egg at your house.

Telling ghost stories in the dark with only torch light illuminating your face was always scary but by now you’ve heard them all right?

But I am about to change all that with a ghastly story about five terrifying facts about fitness that’ll have you hiding behind the sofa! This is a true nightmare on health street:

1. One in 10 parents think that Jaffa cakes, cola and chips count as part of your 5-a-day fruit and veg. Maybe it’s because of the orange centre and chips are made from potatoes but seriously!? That’s around 2 million parents in the UK who thinks putting a Jaffa Cake in their child’s lunchbox counts as a fruit portion.

2. Sugar is as dangerous to our health as tobacco. Due to the high hidden content and food companies using 257 different names for sugar in their ingredients you can consume up to 12 grams of sugar daily without even realising. Sugar intake of these proportions are driving the obesity epidemic and causing health issues from heart disease to diabetes.

3. 29% of girls and 26% of boys are obese and that number is set to rise. The number of obese people in the UK has climbed alarmingly in the last 30 years and Britain is the 3rd fattest country in Western Europe behind only Iceland and Malta.

4. Severe tooth decay is the 4th most common reason for children to be admitted to hospital. Thousands of children every year are being referred to the hospital from their dentist to have multiple teeth removed under aesthetic because of severe tooth decay; dental experts say that the leading causes are fizzy drinks, poor diet and poor cleaning technique.

5. Diabetes is among the top 3 causes of blindness for adults. And until 2014 it was number one, diabetes is not only a disease in itself but it also causes other health complications as well as blindness diabetes is also the number one cause of amputations.

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