Headshot from Daily Telegraph low-resOn the Noble Art of Wellbeing I will be interviewing Charlotte Watts a high-profile practising Nutritional Therapist and Yoga Teacher.   She has written several books – her latest is the The De-Stress Effect.  A must read and I highly recommend it…

She helps people that she understands – those with busy lives and quick brains who often find it difficult to switch off.   Sounding familiar!!!

Charlotte is  passionate about helping people through stressful phases in their lives.  She believes that nutrition is one of the most important foundations for health and enjoyment of life, but that alone it cannot create an optimally functioning body. Through her own practices and teaching of yoga, movement, mindfulness, meditation and breath techniques has shown her and countless clients that a holistic approach to well being is necessary to find balance and resilience.

She won the CAM Award for Outstanding Practice in 2012.

She was the expert/presenter on GMTV’s Beach Body Boot Camp 2010 and Series 3 of the hit BBC3 series Freaky Eaters.


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