What is your definition of a Yoga Teacher?  Friend, Guru, Instructor, Inspiration, Goddess or Foe.
As the practice of yoga becomes every more far reaching, I thought I’d  try to outline how a yoga teacher could be seen.   I do truly believe that what yoga Teachers do is not fully understood or sometimes appreciated.   I know that they are not Surgeons but you know what –  they may have just as a  profound impact on the heart and body.
We all turn up to our class but whilst there we potentially receive so much from our Teachers (depending on how present you are in the class)  sometimes without even realising the impact they or the class has on us.    For some the Teacher is  a Therapist, entering room with baggage from our every day lives and the Teacher can provide us with the tools to deal with life off the mat.  A simple thing  but important thing ‘how to breathe’  deeply learning how to gain greater capacity our lungs.
Learning how to listen to our body, facilitating that mind, body connection that every keeps ones going on about.
Keeping us in the moment, allow us to appreciate life more.  Becoming more mindful in the process.
Helping us to become strong and more flexible not only in body but mind too.
Healing the body from physical and mental dis-ease.  So in essence they can be called healers.
To change our direction in life.  I know this happened to me…
How to relax.
The list is endless.
A Yoga Teacher invests some much time and effort in continual  learning, hoping to help and inspire their students.  I don’t think when they undertake this role that they realise what it is they are letting themselves in for.
All I know they provide a valuable service.
So I now leave you with the same question what does you Yoga Teacher mean to you.

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