The Hot Bikram Yoga 6 classes in one day challenge meant different things to each of the participants. Some were raising money for a good cause, embarking on a journey of discovery and others were looking for a sense of community.

Overall, some 30 plus students and teachers took part in the challenge and managed to raise a total of approx £6K.

A number of us had already completed the 30 day challenge recently but continued to attend daily as part of our preparation. By the end of the challenge day, at various stages, we had completed 50 consecutive classes.

As the day approached a sense of nerves and excitement was abound, but whatever happened our aim was to have fun and prop each other up if necessary! After all it’s only Yoga, right?

It was a day of great achievement and discovery. A truly amazing experience! It is hard to really express in words how we all felt…… but using the Geraldine’s feedback: “I used to think that my trek to Machu Picchu last year over 7 days with 1 shower along the way was the most challenging and rewarding experience of my life so far…. I think this may have toppled it.”

I was so, so, happy that Thursday. It was amazing. The atmosphere in the last 2 classes was electrifying…”

In the famous words of Richard we were “Rock Stars”.

Other re-occurring comments were how quickly the time in each class flew by and how amazing everyone felt. The energy in the room was so palpable and resonated throughout the room as though we all moved as one. I think we were performing a moving meditation throughout the day and the true essence of yoga came through – Union!!

Doing the 6 class challenge consisted of doing:

9 hours of yoga.
156 Yoga postures
12 breathing exercises

Some completed a double class at the London Bridge Studio (Britney), whilst others were in Balham with (Cat and Paul). Everyone started the third class with the Paul and the final triple with Richard.

We received fantastic support from the teachers – who were able to incorporate humour – (Paul made the entire studio do a Mexican wave and proceeded to wear Bugsy ears) as part of one of our sit ups. Richard made the entire studio feel important – with statements like whether it is your “1st or 6th class you should feel important”.

The aftermath meant feeling on a natural high with endless energy. I even recall someone stating that they could have completed a 7th Class. Some had difficulty sleeping so ended up washing all the towels and costumes used through out the day.
We are all proud of what we achieved on Thursday 17th November for the Children in Need.

I am so pleased now that I submitted to the arm twisting to participate – I would not have missed out on this experience for the world.

Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement!

Donna x

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