Body Positive Yoga is a form of yoga that focuses on self-acceptance, body positivity and may lead to self-love. This type of yoga practice is designed to help people learn to appreciate their body as it is and to celebrate the beauty of all bodies. 

The practice helps people to learn to appreciate the uniqueness of their own bodies and to realise its true potential.  It teaches people to be kind and compassionate towards themselves and their bodies while also connecting with the breath and cultivating strength, flexibility, and balance. 

Through movement, breathwork, meditation, and affirmations, Body Positive Yoga helps to cultivate self-acceptance and love.

Its focus on self-acceptance  can help to improve mental health and well-being. So if you’re feeling low or lack confidence, why not try Body Positive Yoga? It promises an exciting journey of self-discovery and growth.

Body-positive yoga is a form of yoga that prioritises inclusivity and self-acceptance. It seeks to create a safe and welcoming space for people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities to practice yoga and cultivate a deeper sense of body positivity.

One of the key tenets of body-positive yoga is the idea that our relationship with our bodies should be one of self-acceptance and compassion rather than self-hatred or judgment. This means accepting and celebrating our bodies just as they are rather than constantly striving for some external ideal of beauty or perfection.

One of the ways that body-positive yoga helps cultivate body positivity is by shifting the focus away from the physical asanas (poses) and towards the inner experience of the practice. Instead of trying to achieve a certain shape or alignment in a pose, practitioners of body-positive yoga are encouraged to listen to their bodies and respect their own limits and boundaries.  Its focus is on how the yoga makes the body feel and less about how the postures look. 

This focus on the internal experience of the practice can also help to promote a deeper sense of self-awareness and mindfulness. By bringing our attention inward, we can begin to understand and connect with our bodies in a more meaningful way, which can help to cultivate a greater sense of self-acceptance and body positivity.  As we start to experience our inner landscape.  

In addition to the physical practice of yoga, body-positive yoga also incorporates elements of self-care and self-compassion into the practice. This might include setting intentions for the practice that focuses on self-acceptance and appreciation for the miracle that the body is,  incorporating affirmations and self-care practices into the session.

Overall, body-positive yoga is a powerful tool for cultivating body positivity from the inside out. By shifting the focus from the external to the internal and incorporating elements of self-care and self-compassion, it can help practitioners develop a more profound sense of self-acceptance and may lead to body love.

Learn how Donna Noble is helping people live a stress-free and balanced life with Body Positive Yoga here.


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