The Body Positive Yoga Wheel Workshop is taking place on Saturday 20th March 1-3 pm

The wheel is an amazing tool, they are circular shaped used to enhance your practice. The wheels help open the front of the body, supported backbends, assists advanced yoga postures, enhances flexibility in the hips/spine/shoulders, increases core engagement, uses all large muscle groups when used correctly, and massages the spine. Use of the wheel on the legs opens the hip flexors and hamstrings. 

In this fun-filled workshop, you will learn how to use the latest prop the yoga wheel.  During the workshop  students will be introduced to a variety of exercises and poses as we use the Yoga Wheel to develop core strength and stability, as well as challenge balance and flexibility.

The wheel can make your back bending, and hip opening practice playful, easy and effortless.

For example, back bending postures can be extremely difficult, but the yoga wheel makes back bending and hip opening practices playful, easy and effortless!

Feeback from the lovely Emma:

I attended Donna’s Yoga Wheel workshop with no experience of the wheel before. I had purchased one and played on it once or twice, but I wasn’t sure how it could be a part of my practice or be useful to me long-term as more than a fun accessory

Full splits in ~5 mins?; leg now at much higher angle in extended hand-to-big-toe pose? You’d better try it to believe it. This was achieved by Donna’s clear instruction, guiding me through using the yoga wheel, during her workshop. I’ve been doing yoga for many many years are never achieved full splits, so a real light bulb moment when I worked by opening my body and trusting Donna. Thanks for taking my yoga practise that much deeper, Donna. I loved the playfulness and am overwhelmed! Melinda Swann

Donna really opened my eyes to how useful a prop it could be for me. She demonstrated and talked us through a huge variety of different postures where the wheel could be beneficial such as with backbends or helping stretch the legs and hips more deeply. I also enjoyed using the wheel to help support myself in shoulder stand and (a very brief) headstand, both poses I am working towards, but with the wheel I felt much more secure.

Overall I found the workshop both educational and fun. Donna’s teaching style is around making positions and props work for you so she helped us adapt where needed, while encouraging us to push ourselves and have fun. I was really surprised with the increase in intensity and depth I could achieve with the wheel, not to mention the positions I ended up in! Thank you, again, Donna for a great workshop!

Class size is limited.  Wheel required. Saturday 20th March 1-pm

Book via eventbrite before all the spots are gone!

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