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If you are reading this then you might know that I am passionate about all things yoga and cannot stop talking about its many benefits.

The goal of this page is to continue to make yoga more inclusive and accessible to every type of body. You may have heard of CurveSomeYoga which born as a result of this desire.

With this goal in mind I would like CurveSomeyoga to have a presence at the Om Yoga Show at the last weekend of October (23/24/25).

So I am stepping out of my comfort zone, something I am always asking my students to do, and appealing to you all, friends, yogis and family to help me to achieve this dream.

Attending the Yoga Show as an Exhibitor will allow me to continue to spread the message that ever body is a yoga body.

I’m getting to the point… the reason for setting up this page is to help CurveSomeYoga to be an exhibitor at the OM Yoga Show.

For this to happen I would like you to donate please all that you can afford. For every £50, I will be offering free attendance to one of my Yoga classes, and for every £100 donation I’ll provide a 90 minute one-to-one class.

What’s in it for you? Aside from being at the start of a great movement, you are also helping me to spread the love of yoga and help to make yoga more inclusive for everybody.

Will you be the first to help a fellow yogi?


Donna ‘the noble yogi’

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