My love affair with yoga was a very slow affair like a gentle courtship…………… It began many years ago when a friend saw a picture of Madonna with her leg behind her head…. and suggested we give it a go. She was very up on all the celebrity trends.


Mats were ordered and we were lucky enough to work with a Trainee Yoga Teacher who offered us some classes.   What was I letting my self in for?


At this time yoga was not as trendy as it is now. I found it enjoyable but I could take it or leave it.  Luckily I decided to take it… I decided to continue my love affair and found a beginners 6 week course. I did not want to end up in a class where students like Madonna could put their legs behind their head. Something I am currently working on now ironically!! How things have come full circle.


My love for yoga was very fickle at this stage it was not worth fighting for, Deciding to continue my studies I deemed I would be too busy and I dumped yoga without even a second thought. Upon hindsight continuing yoga would have been the smart thing to do.


Little did I know that my internal GPRS system would bring me back to my first love. – Yoga as you may have rightly guessed ………   Looks like I was always destined to be a yogini.


My life continued without Yoga, embarking on numerous fitness trends but nothing could compare or replace what yoga was able to give me. Without really seeking yoga, it came back into my life like an old lover. I welcomed it back with open arms. Like I had a choice.


This old devil called ‘love’ –oops sorry ‘yoga’!   Began to change my life – staring to get under my skin. I was hooked, my curiosity awakened and I embarked on two Teacher Training courses.   This love affair was so profound I began to live like a yogini (well for a little while anyway) I gave up meat and TV for two weeks – it was a big deal to me back in those days – I can assure you)…


Allowing me to now start the to love and get to know the real me. Bringing back balance and order into my life.


Which changed me upon my wildest dreams. Leaving the corporate world, travelling to America and living in a ‘yoga bubble’ for 6 months; when I only anticipated going away for 9 weeks. Resulting in me leaving a little bit of my heart with the folks in Texas. Growing in confidence and living life more from the heart and less from mind. I was able to blossom just like in any ordinary relationship.


I continually love myself more each and every day and this great thing called yoga. It can all consuming in a good way, we still occasionally fall out of love but not for long.

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